Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Moving

Well, you're probably wondering where I've been. I've been not exercising and eating too much. Now only part of that is true. I've been taking a week off from exercise and working on a project that is my new blog. I am finding that I want to expand a bit so I can talk about exercise AND food.

Here's my new address. Come visit me and maybe leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update on the Weekend

It's been a very busy weekend. My week off from training started on Saturday and I feel ready for a break.

On Saturday morning, we headed out early to the beach to cheer my husband and sister on in the Belmar 5 mile race. My husband did it in 46 mins! My sister did it in 59 mins but she was running with a friend. After that, we hit the beach. Amazing weather with a nice breeze and water temps were perfect.

Saturday night, we went to my husband's 20 yr high school reunion. We had a blast! I didn't know anyone at all but I make friends easy plus I had one glass of red wine which always helps. The food was very rich. Tortellini alfredo, vodka penne, chicken franchaise, eggplant rollatini, crab dip with pita chips. UGH! I had a VERY little bit of each and ate it slowly. I stopped often and had sips of wine and water in between. They had a dessert table with small pastries. I did have a lemon tart not much bigger than a quarter and a mini cannoli. I was sweating alot in my sleep last night which does happen to me when I eat not so healthy foods or drink alcohol.

Today, I caught up on all the house chores and headed over to my local organic farm and picked up some great stuff. Basil (in a bunch the size of my head), rainbow swiss chard, zucchini, white corn, beets, and honey made right on the premises. After that it was prep time. I cleaned, boiled, peeled, and chopped beets to add to salads. I boiled corn so I could cut it off the ear next week for recipes. I rough chopped swiss chard to keep in a green bag to add to my green drinks. As if this wasn't great enough, my mom stopped by with a huge tray of blueberries she picked this morning! They are huge and amazingly sweet. Perfect to go with some greek yogurt, raw walnuts, and a squeeze of that local honey.

Aside from the reunion on Saturday, my diet has been pretty typical. I did purchase Ezekiel tortillas the other day to make beach trips easier. It does contain wheat which I avoid, but it's sprouted grains which are great for you and I'm going to include them in my diet occasionally as I can tolerate them. I did purchase brown rice tortillas but they tear when you try to close them and taste like cardboard. Corn tortillas are great but don't go with everything. Someone needs to come out with a wheat free sprouted grain tortilla!

So, the plan for my week off is to eat plenty of varied colored whole foods (the deeper the better) and get plenty of rest.