Friday, July 10, 2009

Workout and Meals 7/10/09

I made it to Friday! I went to the track this morning to do my sprints and stairs and I was determined to flip that truck tire but it didn't work out as planned. That tire was freakin heavy! Now I'm determined! I WILL do it. I'll just keep trying.

I sprinted the straights and walked the curves of the track, then did about 8 rounds of stairs doing 8 vertical jumps in between each round without stopping. I was really sweating and it was only 57 degrees at 6 am this morning. The workout was about 30 mins total.

Unlike other mornings, I also had some company. Two guys were doing some stairs and other drills. One of the guys looked familiar to me and I realized he was the owner of a previous gym I belonged to. See, even the owner knows the best place to workout is NOT the gym!

a.m. - workout
1. syntrax nectar protein drink
after shower - green drink w/1 tablespoon flax oil, green tea

2. chobani plain greek yogurt w/blueberries and raw walnuts

3. one sprouted corn tortilla w/ground turkey breast, guacamole, sprinkle of cheese, salsa w/side of steamed broccoli, cherries

4. sugar snap peas, red bell pepper w/3 tablespoons hummus

5. organic chicken drumstick and leg, 1/4 c brown rice, roasted zucchini, red onion, red bell pepper

6. serving of 2% cottage cheese w/sliced mango, nut and seed crunch bar

Now for the numbers! There hasn't been many changes as far as measurements but my weight did go down a bit. I did not take pics but I will probably do that sometime next week.

Measurements (5/24) 7/10/09
Weight - (128.5) 124
Waist - (27 1/4) 27 1/8
Hips - (35) 34 15/16
Arm - (9 3/4) 9 3/4
Leg - (19 4/8) 19 1/2
Calf - (15) 14 1/4
Flexed bicep - (11) 11
Chest (under) - (26 1/2) 26 1/2
Chest - (30 1/4) 30 1/4

Tomorrow my husband and sister are running a 5 mile race and the kids and I will be there to cheer them on. Then we will hit the beach.

Not sure if I'm going to workout on Sunday or start my week off tomorrow.

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